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Jovana Popić

Jovana Popić

Jovana Popić was born 1977 in Zadar, Croatia.

She began her formal art studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade under the Serbian State Scholarship for Science and Art Talents. In 2006 she received the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Scholarship and later the President’s Prize toward her master’s degree under Rebecca Horn at the Universität der Künste-Berlin. Other awards include the Sennheiser’s Future Audio Artist Award, Codice MIA 2016 Award, award of Ulrich and Burga Knispel Foundation, grants of the Karl Hofer Gesellschaft e.V. and the United Kingdom of Norway, and various artist residencies. Popić has exhibited her work in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Poland, the United States, Japan, Russia, Serbia and Croatia. She presently lives in Berlin.

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