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Call to Action -open-

So Close So Far is thought as permanent project to collect artists testimonies about conflict. It concerns the creation of an on-line archive of testimonies, freely at disposal of people.

So Close So Far is conceived as project made by different steps.


The first ongoing step is addressed to artists coming from the wars experiences of 90s in former Yugoslavia. Artists remained in their home countries and artists that live in foreign countries. With the present collection So Close So Far is creating an audio/video installation, called Past is Present for the international project TESTIMONY – TRUTH OR POLITICS, led by The Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade.

Call addressed to artists from Ex-Yugoslav countries, who lived the experience of war in 90’s. Both artists who left their country and artists who remained, are invited to join the project. Project focuses on the difference in the elaboration of the experience and the building of the memory about these events as regards people who had to leave and people who remained.
Artists are invited to send their testimonies as follow:
1) audio
2) audio supplied with images
3) audio-video record
– Duration: up to 20 minutes
– Audio: wav or aiff.
– Video: H264 – MPEG4, HD, MOV
– Testimonies that are not in English, need a translation (transcript for audio contents or subtitles for video contents).
– Files must be named with name of the artist and title of the work.
– Contents must be sent to with a short presentation of the authoress or author and with the media release completed and signed.
Contents will be collected in an archive available on the web site, with all useful info and links about the authoress/author.
There is no deadline. The project is a permanent project of testimonies collection.


For this first step of the project, the material collected until the month of October 2017 will merge into the audio/video installation -Past is Present-, realized by So Close So Far.

Sound installation with artworks of the other selected projects, within the international project TESTIMONY – TRUTH OR POLITICS will be presented in autumn 2017 in a traveling exhibition in 4 countries —Italy, Belgrade, Austria and Bosnia Herzegovina.

TESTIMONY – TRUTH OR POLITICS is a project led by The Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade, in cooperation with The Ignorant Schoolmaster and his Committees, Belgrade; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade; Boem, Vienna, Austria; Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa (OBCT Transeuropa), Rovereto, Italy; Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo; Centre for Cultural and Social Repair, Banja Luka; The Leibniz-Institute for East and Southeast European Studies, Regensburg, Germany