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Portrait final

Portrait final

Performance – unification of art and music.

The entire performance deals with the artistic expression at a given moment through improvisation and spontaneous creation of music and a work of art. By combining action painting, motion and jamming a unification of media occurs creating an interesting whole, which complements the overall artistic expression. The performance at this point takes the form of a cult ritual and is reminiscent of a moment of spiritual merging with the divine forces, similar to shamanistic rituals. The interaction between the participants of the performance makes the main story and the essence of the entire performance. Impulses and the released energy itself leads the entire process, and what remains in the form of a painting and recorded sound takes the role of a recording of that unique unrepeatable moment in time of the performance.

Guitar: Vanja Solaković, painting
Bass: Zlatan Hadžifejzović, painting
Drums: Ilian Nikolov

Director: Sarah Brugner
Kamera: Michael Luger


Činčila – bio and reference


ottobre 1, 2017



art, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Činčila, Conflict, music, painting, sarajevo, testimony, witness, Yugoslavia