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Fracture F117/A

Fracture F117/A

By walking on a hill Straževica I have presented my structural survey, which I have been doing from 2015 – 2017. year, a topic that involves shooting down of the airplane F117/A, on 27. martch in 1999. NATO war in the intervention of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Video shows current research work: completion of the interview in the village Kovin with Zoltan Dani, a retired colonel in charge of the felling aircraft; taken by Zoltan to the Memorial Room 250. missile brigade PVO; photographing parts of the aircraft in this room and portraits of Dani with the fuselage; correspondence with military archives; Ljuba Popović, a resident of the village Buđanovci, and refugee from the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, photographed me and my brother Petar on a field of the plane crash, not far from the village; walking through Buđanovci; clarification of necessity dealing with this subject which is exposed as overcoming the trauma when I was seven years old, during a visit to the Museum of Aviation in Belgrade, watching the parts of the aircraft in the glass showcase in the museum, and encountering dead baby owls in the yard of a museum, and only one was alive; then visit to the promotion of the book ,,Night hawk fall, ” by retired colonel Slaviša Golubović and photographing Zoltan Dani at the book promotion; Zoltan sheds light on why the small owls died; one of the curators of the Museum of Aviation in Belgrade, photographs with my camera the parts and two engines of the airplane in the storage room of the museum because I did not owned a license of a military person, nor have I been working in a museum; Museum of Aviation in Belgrade has refused this video work for display at the event ,, Memorial Day “on march 24, at the occasion of marking the memory of NATO bombing and proposes that work should be shown at the event “Museum and artists”, that was never organized.

Direction: Milena Pešut
Creative: Petar Pešut
Camera: Stefan Ljumov
Editing: Milena Pešut

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settembre 28, 2017



art, Conflict, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, memories, Milena Pešut, Straževica, testimony, witness, Yugoslavia