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Back from Sarajevo in 2016, I found a few pages from my book written 25 years ago. 1992 was the beginning of the war in Sarajevo and Bosnia. In time I wanted to wrote a war novel like “A Farewell to Arms” from Hemingway. A future novel about War and Love never finished . The world frozen in his temporality. A bit like Bosnia now. At that moment, I did not know that these words will be the last ones I wrote because a few months after I left the country forever. At once, without transition, I passed from child to audulte age, From a citizen to an emigrant, From a human to an artist. Some few pages are the memory and the trace of the this human tragedy. They inspired me to make this video and this manifest: It’s trace of a deep criticism of the society in which we lived and at the same time a historical observation. No more problem…I’m still there and I’m still alive. And the most important I am free … Free of everything … Paris, 2017

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settembre 22, 2016