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Testimony – Alban Muja

Testimony – Alban Muja

Usually I prefer not to talk a lot about my experiences or my family’s experience about the life during the war in Kosovo. I’m sure that for everyone who wants to know what happen in Kosovo, it is easy to find information about that, even now you can find tracks about the war. Despite that, there are around 2000 persons still missing and there is no even interest to find missing persons (including kids and women).

Even today, in my works, I try to talk and to do a research on consequences come from the war, like all the current political, economical and social transitions, but not specifically for the war, because remembering what happen make me powerless to deal with this topics directly.

At the same time, in this video, I have shared part of my experience during the war in Kosovo, without going to much in details.

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settembre 28, 2017



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