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So close so far” is the project born from the collaboration between REC Movie and the cultural association Alauda. It is a cultural and artistic action focusing on the sharing of memories, linked to the wars in the Ex-Yugoslav countries.

So close so far” is part of the international project “Testimony-Truth or Politics” promoted by the Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade; The Ignorant Schoolmaster and his Committees, Belgrade; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade; in cooperation with Boem, Vienna, Austria; Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa (OBCT Transeuropa), Rovereto, Italy.

What the official history tells us about people that have experienced the wars on their own skin? On the skin of their beloved? “So close so far” starts from the awareness that the official historiography  usually doesn’t mentioned the alive experiences of common people, considering wars as a sequence of events, list of winners, losers, strategies.

The project aims to give voice to the little stories that do the history. Personal narratives made of different points of view, able to give new life and new meanings to the experience of the conflict.

The project is addressed to a specific part of the society: the artists. The artists, from any disciplines, are people that using their sensibility and technique, are often able to overcome prejudices and unilateral approaches to our common history. They could be able to offer different reading keys, often unheard, omitted or simply not considered.

Involving artists that has lived the wars in EX-Jugoslav countries, the project aims to create a virtual archive of testimonies. Oral narratives in audio-visual format. Unheard voices and personal narratives that became historical documents, also thanks to the new knowledge’s technologies signed by an immediate and fast access.

The corpus of testimonies will be material for the sound installation that REC Movie and Alauda will create for the itinerant exposition foreseen within the project “Testimony-truth or politics”. The exposition will be presented in Austria, Italy and Serbia.

Personal narratives